HAUS KÜPPELBLICK schön, dass du da bist
  HAUS KÜPPELBLICK  schön, dass du da bist  

You want to enjoy your family holiday in a 90 qm flat on 2 floors and 5 rooms? Then you've come to the right place. 
In addition to the spacious rooms, Haus Küppelblick offers a traffic-calmed area in the immediate vicinity of nature, which you can explore with your children of all ages.

You want to explore the beautiful Sauerland - for example the Ruhrradweg or the Sauerlandradring - with your bike? Then we offer you a variety of amenities to make this experience as enjoyable as possible:

- A lockable parking space for each bike
- Information material about the cycling and hiking trails in the area 
- Breakfast facilities at Hotel Lukai, across the road 
- Water and drinks at a small price in the flat
- In case of a bicycle breakdown or accident we are at your disposal by phone to transport you - if necessary - with our own van.

You just want to relax and enjoy time together? This works especially well by a romantic fire in our fireplace, after an eventful hike or a visit to the nearby sauna in the Nass leisure pool. 

Winter is just around the corner and you are looking for your next winter sports experience?
Then a variety of skiing areas close to Haus Küppelblick will offer you exactly what you are looking for. In Winterberg and the surrounding area, you can rent the right equipment. 

Ski resorts in Sauerland

Where to find them

Are you on the road for work, but still want to feel at home?
Then you've come to the right place. You'll have plenty of space here, and you can round off your evening on our 20-square-metre balcony with a beautiful view over the forest and meadows. And if you want to enjoy a refreshing drink while you're at it, that's already taken care of before you arrive. Of course, free wi-fi is available if you work from home. 

Would you like to experience the varied landscape of the Sauerland on your motorbike? Then we are happy to offer you an overnight stay to recover after such an experience and to plan your next tour. Since you can park directly behind the house free of charge, you don't have to go on an annoying search for a parking space when you arrive, but can enjoy the comfort of Haus Küppelblick directly. And should you ever need a covered garage to repair your bike, don't hesitate to contact us. 

The most beautiful motorbike tours in the Sauerland

Look now for your next tour in the heart of the Sauerland.


You want to spend time together with a large number of friends or acquaintances? That's no problem at Haus Küppelblick. You can book the holiday flat for up to 9 people. And you have plenty of space, with two bathrooms and a large balcony to still enjoy your privacy. 

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